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Chat Your Way to a New Language

For those of us who love to learn a new language but haven’t got the time or money to enroll in a class, you’re in luck!

Introducing a new start-up company Verbling - a language exchange community that allows you to instantly learn and practice a new language instantly with a native speaker over a web-cam chat style. We all know that the biggest hurdle in mastering a new language is finding the opportunity to practice and carry out a conversation with and like a native.  Practicing those grammar forms and sentence structure can only take you so far. This is where Verbling comes in. 

Providing a more cost-effective and time efficient choice, Verbling allows you to speak directly to a native speaker who speaks your desired language of choice.  Based on your native language and what language you want to learn, you are paired up with a fellow native speaker. So, if you’re an English native speaker and want to learn Finnish, you would be paired with a native Finnish speaker who is interested in learning English.  Conversations last 10 minutes - 5 minutes of each language. Verbling even helps to break the ice with your chat partner by providing conversations starters.  Do note that Verbling currently only supports Spanish-English exchanges but plans for more language options in the future.